OSHA Training Become a Trainer-the-Trainer
State and Federal OSHA regulations require employees to receive training on all workplace hazards (such as, powered industrial equipment, machines, tools, chemicals, etc.).
Learn how to and become your company's OSHA trainer and provide this training internally year after year.
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Note: This is not the #500/501 Course offered by OTI
DOT Training HM-181 Train-the-Trainer
If you have employees who
  • Work in shipping areas
  • Are involved in preparing, labeling or marking, or
  • Transport hazardous materials and hazardous waste (such as batteries, cleaners, solvents, flammables, explosives, compressed gases, strong oxidizers, poisons/infectious material and paints)
DOT regulations require training for these employees. Cut costs by providing high-quality, customized training internally. Read more »
Consulting Services On-site training services and auditing solutions
When you need a more personal touch to your health and safety training. Our health and safety professionals are ready to come on-site to provide you affordable, customized safety training for all your workplace hazards.
Our 100% confidential, auditing services will ensure you are compliant to the health and safety laws; thus, safeguarding you from any surprise inspections and costly violations. Read more »
OH&S CP Training Become your company's Competent Person (CP)
Provincial occupational health and safety standards mandate each company have at least one competent person onsite, in the workplace, and supervising hazardous work. The CP performs workplace safety audits, trains employees, maintains safety records, distributes equipment licenses and certificates, and ensures compliance to the law.
Become a certified Competent Person by attending this specialty health and safety course. Read more »
Cranes and Derricks Training Decades old standard changed
The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced that it completed the new rule addressing the use of cranes and derricks in construction, which will replace a decades-old standard.
As of November 8, 2010, approximately 267,000 construction crane rental and crane certification establishments employing about 4.8 million workers will be affected by the new rule. Coming Soon!