Occupational Health & Safety Consulting Services Consulting services information
Why use a consulting service?
Consulting services offer a customized approach to abating workplace hazards. A safety professional will determine the necessary actions needed to bring a workplace into full health and safety compliance. Those who use consulting services receive the assurance that their company is in-line with government regulations.
By using our consulting services you can feel confident that you are:
  • ensuring optimal workplace safety conditions for your employees
  • minimizing violations, workplace injuries, and lawsuits
  • decreasing your insurance premiums
What can I expect by using National Safety Consulting services?
We generally follow a four-step process:
Step One: Workplace Assessment and Inspection/Audit
The workplace assessment and inspection/audit allows the consultant to determine OSHA violations, hazards, and provides essential insight for establishing a cost-effective and productive solution.
Step Two: Presentation of Solution
Once the appropriate solution has been selected, the consultant will implement the safety solution, which includes:
  • cost analysis, OSHA compliance (min vs. max)
  • productivity analysis
  • required training
  • timeline
  • implementation schedule
Step Three: Onsite Implementation
Once the appropriate solution has been selected, the consultant will implement the safety solution, which includes:
  • rewriting company policies and programs
  • performing required training
  • providing documentation to insurance carriers that often results in lower rates/premiums
  • sourcing the appropriate materials/equipment for the implementation
Step Four: Follow–up Audits
Many clients request a follow-up audit several months later, recommended quarterly, to ensure the correct procedures and OSHA compliance is being maintained.
Please Note: Not all companies require or choose to use the entire four-step process. In many cases, depending on the hazard's complexity, Steps 1 and 2 can be combined, or the company will implement the solution themselves, or have a third party provide the implementation. All are reasonable options.
We look forward to working with you in the future. For pricing options, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send your questions or a request to info@natlsafety.com.